V.I.P. tires and maintenance offer professional tire service for passenger cars and SUVs. We offer new tires from GoodYear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava, Toyo, Maxxis, BFGoodrich, Sailun, Avalanche.

Spacious and tidy facilities for the car and you while you wait for the service to be provided.

Price list

Passenger car with 13-16 “rims: 10,500 ISK.
Passenger car with 17-18 “rims: 12,500 ISK.

Passenger car with 19 “rims: 13,500 ISK.

Passenger car on 20 “rims: 16,500 ISK.

Passenger car with 21-22 “rims: 18,900 ISK .

Jeeps on 15-16 “rims: 12.500 kr.
Jeeps on 17 “rims: 13.500 kr.
Jeeps on 18 “rims: 13.500 kr.
Jeeps on 19 “rims: 14.500 kr.
Jeeps on 20 “rims: 16.500 kr.
SUVs on 30 “rims: 14.500 kr.
SUVs on 31-32 “rims: 18.500 kr.
SUVs on 33-35 “rims: 20.500 kr.

Payment options: